You can feel perfectly free without not shaving your legs.

I admit that sometimes I cannot be fucked to shave my legs but I never let it get bad, I only let them get spiky because I am as lazy as a pug.

Seriously though, I don’t get it when some feminists think that they have to act like men to…

Sometimes I don’t know why I follow the “feminism” tag. Ugh. 

Women who choose to not shave their legs are exercising their freedom to do as they wish with their body. You know, since everyone should be able to live in their body how they see fit. It’s not about acting “like men” it’s about acting like a human and embracing your body. It’s called “natural” because it is. Growing hair is something that your body does naturally. Duh. 

The reason that most women think they HAVE to shave their legs is because society says so. The society you live in has dictated that women should be hairless from the scalp down. Fact is, shaving is optional. If you like how it feels/looks, super! Shave your legs. Go to town. But don’t decide that your decision is better than others without having a clue.