Fine Cell Work is a social enterprise that trains prisoners in paid, skilled, creative needlework undertaken in the long hours spent in their cells to foster hope, discipline and self-esteem.

In prisons all across the UK, inmates are filling their hours embroidering highly-crafted cushions, bags, pictures  and patchwork quilts. The work is of a superb quality as prisoners are taught and supported by volunteers from the Embroiderers and Quilters Guild .

The prisoners are paid for their work, which is then sold around the world.

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I made this before I bought a life-changing Magical Purple Fabric Pen, so needed to wash the pencil marks out, hence the soapiness. This now belongs to my friend Marion - fellow embroiderer and analog photographer.

I had a great time at the market today; sold lots of stuff, met lots of people and took orders for the next time. I made enough money to have Lola spayed and have a little bit left over, too! Thanks to everyone who was nice enough to purchase something.


love this blog and all the work on it. fantastic lady.